Karen & La Vern Bisek (Mike's Parents)

-Char & Jim Schorbahn

Bob & Marie Hughes

Tylor & Who?

Mike & Who?

Waiting for the siren to stop blowing (the Arcadia fire department was called out to a fire & the city siren is located above the amphitheater...needless to say they sounded the siren extra long on purpose...I guess that is what you get from your E.M.T. friends!)

Will it ever end?

Mom is crying

The kiss



Karen & La Vern with Dylan & Danielle

The Bisek Family
Who?, Mike, Karen, La Vern, Kimmer, Eric, Nancy, Dylan, & Danielle

Danielle, Dylan & Nancy

The Parents

Dylan with his flowers

Karen & La Vern

Karen & La Vern

The Hughes Family
Mike, Who?, Bob, Marie, Emma, Shanon, Dave & Jeremiah

Eric & Kimmer

The Siblings: Nancy, Mike, & Kimmer

Kaylee is a little tired & hot

The Bridesmaids
Danielle, Nancy, Kimmer, Emma, Bobbi, April & Deb

Nice umbrella Mike!

The wedding party
the men (back row): Jason, Bob, Travis A., Travis B., Brandon, Glen, Brian, Mike, Jeremiah, Tylor, CD, B-Boy, & Eric
the women (front row): Bobbi, Nancy, Kimmer, Emma, Deb, Who?, Kaylee, April, Danielle

On the horse drawn wagon...

Some of the many bikers that stopped at the reception

Mike & Kaylee

Karen & Mike

Danielle & Glen :-)

Danielle & Mike

Who? & Karen

Karen & La Vern

Danielle & Kimmer dancing a polka!

Uncle Jack...isn't he cute?