Bonnie’s and Chris’ homes are both welcoming visitors, although this is on a first-come, first-serve basis J as neither has quite enough beds to accommodate 50+ people!

Carrie has a deal through her work for those who are interested in RV-ing, and her family is staying at a camp west of Omaha.  If interested give Carrie a call at (605) 718-3739. 

There is a new indoor water park at the Holiday Inn at 3321 S. 72nd in Omaha called CoCo Key and it’s supposed to be pretty great.  Call (402) 393-3950 for info. 

Settle Inn & Suites 2105 Pratt Ave (402) 292-1155 (approx 4 miles)
Days Inn 1811 Hillcrest Dr. (402) 292-3800 (approx 6 miles)

Liberty Lodge Motel 1409 Gold Coast Rd. (402) 339-0555 (approx 3 miles)