Hello Everyone!                                                                              April 2008


     July is fast approaching and the Family Reunion will be here before we know it so this is an update letter just to keep everyone in the loop.  The first order of business is t-shirts.  Enclosed you will find copies of the adults’ and childrens’ t-shirt designs that you can order if you wish.  They will be $9.63 per shirt.  If you are interested in purchasing t-shirts for your family please send a check to Chris and Leilani by May 15th


     The second order of business concerns the color scheme for the family picture.  We will be going with dark blue, blue, and/or khaki clothing, similar to the last family picture. 


     Third, some of you may have seen on Kim and Eric’s website (www.kim-eric.com) a tentative “schedule of events”.  On Saturday, the family picture will take place at 9:30 am at Seymour Smith Park near 72nd and Harrison Sts. (map click here).  Following the picture, we will be having a picnic at Halleck Park in Papillion (map enclosed) where we have the area reserved all afternoon.  Within walking distance is Papio Fun Park with mini golf, go-carts, games, etc. and Papio Bay Water Park.  We are also hoping to have a bounce house for the little ones and there are several play areas nearby in the park.  We have reserved a picnic area with a shelter and grills.  We discussed food arrangements for the picnic and have decided that it would work best if everyone brings their own meat and drinks and a side dish to share (i.e. chips, potato salad, cole slaw, cookies, etc.)  Nearby are Wal-Mart, Fareway, No Frills, Target, and Hy-Vee (map enclosed.)  On Sunday those who wish to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo can meet and get the group rate.


      Last, but not least, for those who haven’t made arrangements for lodging and would like to bunk at Bonnie’s or Chris’, now is the time to call and let them know.  Beds are filling up fast!  Of course, air mattresses and sleeping bags are always welcome!   


     We are all looking forward to a great time and can’t wait to get the family together again!  See you soon!




Eric and Kim kimbisek@yahoo.com

Bonnie and Hiram jamsmorales@yahoo.com

Chris and Leilani clmwilliams@cox.net