April 11, 2009

The cake

Happy Birthday/Retirement Mom!


Sign Celeste and Kim made

Mike, Travis, Patti and Kaylee

Mother-Daughter Love!

Danielle and Nancy

Kim, Danielle and Nancy

Karen, Danielle and Kim

Jack, Jackie, Bev and Grace

Agnes and Karen

Jerry and Mary

Dylan...eating of course

Greg and Celeste

Eric and Dylan

Betty Jane and Karen

Ma, Pa and Son

aka. Billie, Vicki and Kim

Karen and Cody

the early crowd

Morgan and Eric

Carol, Paula and Karen

Ed, Shirley, Betty, Eileen, Donald, Gene and Karen

The card players!

Shirley and Carol

The sisters

Shirley, Bev, Karen and Grace

The sister swith Carol

Jackie and John


John, Betty, Jim, Jack and Deb

Grace, Paula, Jeff and Carol...caught snooping

Grace and Paula

Mary and John

Kim and Eric

Deb and Karen


open presents

open presents with Sheri


another windchime

fake scratch off, she seriously thought she won $10,000

Karen and Uncle Andy

Mike, Tylor, Travis and Patti

Uncle Andy and Dave

Kim and Monica