DJ's Graduation
May 21, 2009

2009 College of St. Catherine's Masters Graduation




Sister Andrea, the college President

honorary doctorate woman

she has been hooded and has offically turned to the dark side of Lord Voldemort...her thesis was on Harry Potter...get it? Ha, Ha, Ha

DJ getting her fake diploma...Just kidding

The medal

Token pictures with the St. Kate's Banner

Hooray she finally did it, Beth looks pleased.

DJ and Beth

DJ and Beth...nice tongue

DJ and Beth

Terry, DJ and Judy

Terry, DJ hugging her Mom

Again, aw how cute

DJ and Kim (according to DJ, I did 3/4 of her graduate work...I only claimed 1/2) Just kidding!

The cake

Beth fixing DJ's hair for her picture

DJ and her friends (they started together)