May 20 2014   •   Twins vs Padres at PETCO Park

Room with a view on the 30th Floor - Cornado Bridge

The other view (Dole plant)

Conference Room View across the hall














Kubel holding his daughter (aw) but he refused to sign stuff for the other kids (BAD!)


Plouffe was great about it, he signed for everybody until everybody left him for this guy...

Yes, unbelievable...Joe signed for people!! We were shocked!









Parmelee (he had friends sitting behind us, that was cool)

Oh and he jacked it out! More cool!



First he pitches....

...then he bats.













Me and the Petco Cat, Blue Mews. He loved me. Swirl will be jealous.

I wasn't ready for the picture, Eric says it looks like I think the dog is going to eat me.




Final: Twins 5, Padres 3. Yay!